Novelist Omara Williams writes about her remarkable publishing journey for the PRscribe blog by Palamedes PR

It’s Never Too Late to Realise Your Writing Goals | By Omara Williams

Omara Williams is an acclaimed writer of science-fiction romance whose international bestselling debut ‘The Space Traveller’s Lover’ was a Book Excellence Award finalist and a Global Book Awards winner.

In this, her first blog for PRscribe, Omara lifts the lid on why it’s never too late in life to pursue your passions and achieve your goals. With hard work, dedication and inspiration, anything and more is possible.

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The author and historian Carl Borgen writes for PRscribe, the publishing blog by Palamedes PR

Book PR was a Gamble…That Paid Off | By Carl Borgen

Carl Borgen’s books have appeared in hundreds of media outlets worldwide. He is the world’s leading expert on The Bock Saga and the first person to put Ior Bock’s story into written form. The search for the “world’s largest treasure trove” – said to be worth over $20billion – by the ‘Temple 12’ led to international fame, bestseller status, and interest from TV and film producers around the world.

Writing for the first time about his remarkable publishing journey, Carl discusses the benefits of publishing on Amazon, overcoming literary agent rejection, and the need for solid book marketing to boost book sales.

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