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  • Getting started - what are the first steps?

    Appointing most PR agencies can be a daunting and confusing task. That’s why our appointment process is purposefully designed to be efficient and 100% stress-free. Here’s how it works in five easy steps:

    1. Once you’ve got in touch – by phone, email or through our contact form – we’ll respond within the hour.
    2. We’ll arrange a time to speak with you at your convenience, even on weekends or after office hours.
    3. You’ll discuss your PR and marketing goals with one of our team, who will advise you about whether we can help. This consultation is totally free and there is absolutely no obligation for you to appoint us.
    4. If you’d like to benefit from our PR and marketing support, we’ll present you with our detailed recommendations in the form of a Proposal of Services.
    5. Once you’ve appointed us, you’ll be introduced to your Publicist(s) and activity will commence on your PR campaign immediately
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    How much media coverage will you generate for me?

    Our clients – including some of the largest and most respected UK brands – believe we generate more publicity per campaign than any other UK PR agency. It’s impossible for us to substantiate this belief, so we prefer to direct new clients to our Latest Publicity pages where they can judge for themselves.

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    Is Palamedes PR a large agency?

    No, Palamedes PR is a small consultancy…with a big reputation. From a practical point of view, and to coin an overused but apt cliche, we’re large enough to handle (pretty much) anything and small enough to care.

    We usually represent between five and 10 clients at any one time, which means we have to be selective about who we agree to represent.

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    What are your areas of expertise?

    Palamedes PR is a news-generation specialist, which means we can and do promote virtually any conceivable product type of product or service – often where other PR agencies have failed. We do, however, specialise in a number of core sectors, in which our unique approach to public relations truly excels. Our specialisms are:

    • Book PR – we’re Britain’s premier book PR agency and represent discerning authors, leading publishing houses and acclaimed literary agents
    • B2B PR – we consistently secure high volumes of positive media coverage for businesses in the UK and overseas
    • Consumer PR – we develop award-winning consumer PR campaigns that resonate with the media and with the public
    • Property PR – we offer strategic PR support for the wider property industry, with a focus on the national daily newspapers
    • Tourism PR – we continue to put resorts, accommodation providers and destinations on the international map
    • PR stunts – we orchestrate big impact, high-profile PR stunts that appear on shows like Have I Got News For You and Mock the Week
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    How do you approach PR campaigns?

    Our backgrounds in national news and feature journalism enables us to look at our clients’ goals from a media perspective, and to orchestrate award-winning PR campaigns that strike a chord with newsdesks, commissioning editors and the public.

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    How do you secure so much media coverage?

    Unlike many PR agencies, which celebrate a single piece of national coverage in any one campaign, Palamedes PR devises unique and newsworthy PR campaigns that resonate with the media and with the public.

    And unlike many PR agencies, which are staffed by employees with zero journalism experience, Palamedes PR employs publicists with practical and extensive experience as journalists, reporters and feature writers.

    According to client testimonials, which can be viewed here, this winning combination secures more column inches per campaign than any similar sized UK PR agency.

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    Who or what is 'Palamedes'?

    In Greek mythology, Palamedes (“pal-ah-meed-ies”) was a bit of a controversial star. He led the Nauplians in the Trojan War and is credited with the invention of creative writing.

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    How long do most PR campaigns last?

    That depends on the type of campaign, the nature of our role, and the intended outcome(s). We have, for instance, represented a large number of brands for six years continuously. Conversely, we are regularly appointed for an 11th-hour PR campaign – generating vital publicity on the night before a major launch, for example.

    In general terms, however, a project-based PR campaign will continue for between eight and 12 weeks.

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    How long will it take to secure my publicity?

    We’ve generated extensive national publicity for new clients within just 24 hours of appointment. This includes newspaper, magazine, TV, radio and digital coverage.

    In the main, however, we can generally secure exposure within 14 days, and perhaps longer if more detailed preliminary research is required.

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  • How much do you charge for your PR services?

    Palamedes PR generates top-level publicity where others fail. But that doesn’t mean that our fees are also head and shoulders above the competition. Quite the contrary: our fees have a fair and competitive price tag. Our exclusive Price Match Promise ensures that price is not a barrier to our PR support.

    If you would like to appoint us for a PR campaign, we shall present you with a written proposal. This will be individually prepared based on conversations with you and following extensive internal discussion. Our appointment paperwork and our terms and conditions are those recommended by the PRCA, The Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply, and by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers.

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    Are there any hidden extras?

    Our appointment paperwork is transparent and easy-to-read – it doesn’t contain any nasty surprises. Unlike most PR agencies, we won’t charge you for extra time, either. If your PR campaign takes us longer than anticipated to fulfill, you won’t be charged a penny more.

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    Will you divulge your ideas before I'm a paid-up client?

    We secure mass volumes of publicity where others fail because of the quality of our ideas and our unique ability to put them into action. As a result, professional organisations – including Palamedes PR – seldom share their intellectual property before appointment. The calibre of our client base, our proven track record, and the daily results of our PR campaigns are testament to our abilities.

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    How much research will you conduct before my campaign?

    Our PR campaigns commence with a vital research period. This enables the creative team to fully understand your objectives and to critically examine the marketplace, audience share and applicable media.

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    The difference between a pitch and a consultative sales approach. The former requires significantly more research, for obvious reasons.

    How quickly will my campaign start?

    Subject to existing commitments, we’ll commence PR activity within 24 hours of appointment. A specific campaign launch and end date will be presented in your proposal.

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    Can I change the focus of my PR campaign once it's started?

    Yes, of course. Simply let us know what you’d like to change – or what services you’d like to add – and your Publicist will discuss it with you.

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  • Who will manage my campaign?

    Your PR campaign with Palamedes PR will be managed on a daily basis by a Publicist with extensive and practical experience of the UK media. Unlike other PR agencies, we only employ former journalists who have worked with and for the national media as reporters or feature writers.

    Your Publicist will work alongside our Campaigns Director and Creative Director, who will devise the strategy and prepare the tactical requirements.

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    How much involvement will I have?

    Some clients prefer to take an active role in their PR campaigns, while others leave it in our capable hands. The choice is yours.

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    How regularly will I need to speak with my Publicist?

    Our clients typically correspond with their Publicist on a daily basis, especially at the outset of their PR campaigns. But the frequency of ongoing communication will depend upon the complexity of the PR campaign and your publicity requirements.

    Either way, we provide our clients with a full written update about our activity every Friday.

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    Can I reach my Publicist out-of-hours?

    Absolutely. You can reach your Publicist at any time, seven days-a-week.

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    How frequently will I meet my Publicist?

    This will vary depending upon the complexity of your PR campaign and the exact services we provide. A launch party, for instance, is likely to require a number of in-person meetings at the venue.

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  • Exceptional customer service & client-first ethos

    Our friendly, customer-first values are at the heart of everything we do and have helped shape the successful, award-winning London PR firm we are today. We strive to uphold the highest standards of excellence and integrity by over-delivering on our promises and never promising what we cannot deliver. Our journalistic heritage, passion for news, and friendly and professional staff ensures that we consistently hit – and exceed – our targets.

    Our Vision & Ethos

    We believe in providing a personal, friendly and individual service, which we assess against our vision and ethos of six core values:

    • That we never promise what we cannot deliver and that we over-deliver on what we promise
    • That we earn our clients’ trust and respect through consistently high standards of customer service
    • That we thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and goals
    • That we provide professional counsel and clear, straightforward communications
    • That we treat our clients with fairness and respect
    • That we listen to our clients about ways of improving our services

    The measures we have put in place to facilitate this ethos include:

    • Providing our customers with automated update reports on a weekly basis through bespoke Customer Relationship Management software
    • Implementing in-depth fact finding processes to fully understand our clients’ objectives
    • Providing our clients with a comprehensive range about our work and what to expect from our agency
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    What types of publication will I feature in?

    Our campaigns typically secure media coverage in the regional, national, trade and lifestyle/consumer press. This  includes newspapers, magazines and online platforms. It is common for our stories to be picked up by international publications, too – see our Case Studies and Praise pages.

    If you would like us to target specific publications, the international media, or TV and radio, simply let us know.

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    How can I measure my return on investment?

    There are a variety of methods of measuring the success of a PR campaign, but the most common – and often the most preferred – is by Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). This places an approximate monetary figure on the publicity by comparing it with a similar-sized advert (or advertorial). Other measurements might be sales figures, social media followers, target audience engagement and public opinion, for instance.

    Tell Us Your Objectives
    Do you target international media, too?

    Yes. We have exceptional contacts in the US, Canada, Australia and India, and in many European countries, too. If you would like your PR campaign to target other territories outside of the UK, let us know at the outset.

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    Will my PR campaign boost sales?

    A strategic PR and advertising campaign should reach and engage with your target audiences, wherever in the world they happen to be. It will also disseminate positive messages about your brand/product/service by virtue of independent, third party media coverage.

    Our book PR campaigns have taken numerous titles in the bestseller lists, for instance. Our consumer PR campaigns have crashed servers. And our property PR campaigns have helped to sell houses. But no amount of publicity can accurately predict an effect on sales, especially in the case of new brands, products or services. To put it crudely, effective marketing will bring the horses to water…but it can’t make them drink. The decision about whether to purchase your product(s), hire your services or visit your website will be determined by consumer/target audience behaviour and by numerous other factors – such as price points, USPs, branding, and so on – outside of our control, remit and professional expertise.

    We recommend that clients undertake as much market research as possible before appointing us, in order that the publicity we generate has the desired effect on sales and/or traffic.

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    My new product or service was launched some time ago without much publicity. Can you still help?

    In most cases, yes, though this may depend on the nature of the product or service. In the case of BBC Audibooks, we publicised a significant swathe of its back catalogue some years after its initial release.

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    I was let down by another PR agency so I'm skeptical about using one again.

    Notwithstanding the rogues and the ‘marketing experts’ with dubious credentials – of which there are many – all reputable PR firms will do everything in their power to support your objectives. The majority will succeed. But issues can and do arise when the anticipated outcome of a PR campaign is unrealistic. In most cases, such a scenario arises when a client’s expectations are dramatically different (and invariably more positive) than anyone else’s.

    If you were let down by a PR agency that failed completely in its task and role, we can almost certainly rebuild your trust in the industry.

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  • What recognised accreditations do you hold?
    • Palamedes PR is a proud full member of the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA), which governs the remit and scope of our work through a Professional Charter. Our contracts and proposals, and terms and conditions, are those recommended by the PRCA, the Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply, and by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers.
    • Palamedes PR holds the coveted ‘CMS Standard’, the hallmark of PR excellence as defined by the PRCA
    • Palamedes PR holds a 2015/16 copyright licence with the Newspaper Licencing Agency (NLA) to protect copyright and support jobs in journalism
    • Palamedes PR holds full insurances for both public relations and advertising
    • “Palamedes” and “Palamedes PR” are registered as and protected by international trademarks
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  • What is your guarantee?

    The Palamedes PR guarantee provides our clients with extra peace-of-mind. In the unlikely event that we fail to secure publicity (we haven’t failed once since 2009, but still…) we’ll create unlimited new content at no extra charge until we do. This does not affect your statutory rights.

    We keep our promises, you keep your pennies.

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  • What does your Price Match Promise cover?

    If you require our services but have been quoted cheaper elsewhere, just let us know. We’ll match the fees of any reputable PR agency for similar services without hesitation. Simply send us the proposal or written quotation and we’ll match or beat it on the spot.

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