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Welcome to PRscribe, the Palamedes PR book blog that aims to give authors and publishing houses the strategies, insights and insider tips that could help them propel their books into the limelight and onto the bestseller lists. Whether you’re an author hoping to amplify your voice or an independent publisher looking to release your first title, PRscribe gives manuscripts their megaphones.

Perfect Timing: The Optimal Time Between Publishing Books

Discover the optimal timing for publishing new books with insights from acclaimed travel writer and photographer Emma Strandberg. Learn why avoiding burnout is crucial for authors and how to strike a balance between productivity and self-care while considering factors like marketing, reader engagement, and quality writing and editing time.

The Best is Yet to Come: Why Your First Published Book is Not Always Your Best

In this reflective blog post, Emma Strandberg shares insights into their journey as a writer, emphasising that an author’s first published book may not always be their best. She also highlights the importance of practice and embracing life’s changes, believing that each book reflects a moment in their writing journey.

From Wanderlust to Words: How Travel Shaped my Life and Books

The acclaimed travel writer Emma Strandberg hasn’t been everywhere – but it’s next on her list. In this exclusive blog post for Palamedes, Emma discusses the profound impact that world travel has had on her life and on her work, and encourages other authors to embrace their own wanderlust.

Learning, Failing and Learning Again: the trials and tribulations of a self-published author

Discover valuable insights from Han-Son Lee, CEO of DaddiLife, in his exclusive blog post for Palamedes. Gain wisdom on learning from failure, prioritizing audience needs, and overcoming stigmas against self-publishing.

5 Easy Ways to Support Independent Bookshops

A decade ago, UK independent bookshops faced a crisis, dropping below 1,000 due to factors like Amazon, e-books, and rising High Street rents. By 2016, the number fell further, posing a threat to British publishing. Surprisingly, as of January this year, there’s been a resurgence, reaching 1,072, the highest since 2012, according to the Booksellers Association. Despite this, challenges persist, especially for the struggling High Street. Many indie bookstores, highlighted on X (formerly Twitter), still face difficulties.
To help secure their future, this blog post explores five simple ways to support indie bookstores amid ongoing uncertainties.

It’s the Journey That Counts, by Emma Strandberg

Join critically-acclaimed travel writer Emma Strandberg on a journey of resilience and determination as she shares her experience of self-publishing her second book, ‘Where the f**k is Blönduós?’

Faced with the challenges of going solo without her previous publisher and literary agent, Emma’s story is a testament to the sacrifices, dogged determination, and unwavering belief that fuelled her labour of love.

When is the Best Time of Year to Launch a New Book?

For self-publishers without the backing of traditional publishers, deciding when to launch a new book is crucial.
Our blog post breaks down the best times to promote your book by genre and season, offering practical insights from over 20 years of media and publicity experience.

My Favourite Places to Read, Write and Edit by Julian Doyle

Julian Doyle, the Monty Python filmmaker and all-round Big Screen legend, reveals his favourite places in the world to read, write and edit his books and screenplays in this fascinating, exclusive blog for PRscribe by Palamedes.

How to Get a Literary Agent: A Q&A with Kizzy Thomson

Finding a literary agent can be one of the toughest challenges in the publishing world. Some lucky authors may secure one quickly, but for most, the journey to find an agent for their book takes months or even years, and some may not find representation at all.

If you’re an author without an agent and your manuscript is nearly complete, this Q&A with experienced literary agent Kizzy Thomson is a valuable resource. Kizzy has helped many authors in their careers and offers practical advice on submitting manuscripts, adapting to changes in the publishing industry, and crafting effective query letters. You’ll learn about how agents choose which manuscripts to represent, what makes a manuscript stand out in a competitive market, and get insights into the book deal negotiation process. Plus, you’ll discover the common mistakes aspiring authors should avoid when seeking representation.

Travel Writer Emma Strandberg on the Evolution of Book Publishing

Disruptive technologies have fuelled a publishing revolution. In the space of just a few decades, digital platforms have unshackled authors from traditional gatekeepers, while e-books and audiobooks have transformed the reading experience. Self-publishing and print-on-demand services have thrived, as readers demand both convenience and authenticity. The future, driven by innovations like augmented reality and blockchain-based publishing, promises to further redefine the industry.

But as publishers take steps to stay relevant in the digital age – and keep pace with changing technologies and market trends – their core mission must remain focused on identifying, nurturing, and promoting quality literature for the next generation, writes the travel author Emma Strandberg in her second exclusive post for PRscribe.

Tales of Terror: Guenther Primig’s Insights into Horror Writing

Guenther Primig is a renowned horror writer whose success in the genre has captivated readers worldwide. With a unique and chilling storytelling style, his bestselling Gwenna Luna books are long-established, critically-acclaimed favourites with readers and the media alike. In this exclusive post for PRscribe, Guenther reveals his take on what makes a book truly scary – and a chainsaw massacre isn’t one of them.

Do YOU know a colon from a comma or an oxymoron from an allegory? Take our test and find out.

A fifth of 18-30 year-olds don’t know their commas from their colons and think an oxymoron is an insult, according to an informal poll by Palamedes.
The survey we conducted was a far cry from academic research and isn’t in any way representative of British young people as a whole. But the findings do at least suggest that some young people see punctuation and the use of figurative speech as an old-fashioned and unnecessary habit in today’s tech-oriented world.
Why not test yourself and see if you know better?

Historian John Harris on Cracking the WW2 Mystery of Rudolph Hess

Co-authors John Harris and Richard Wilbourn have been researching the Deputy Führer Rudolph Hess’ solo flight to Scotland for almost 40 years. Now, nearly four decades, six critically-acclaimed books and countless pub hours later, the pair have uncovered what they consider to be the definitive answer to one of the greatest enduring mysteries of WW2.

In this exclusive blog for PRscribe, historian John Harris discusses their publishing journey which, like most foolhardy ventures, started over a pint.

It’s Never Too Late to Realise Your Writing Goals | By Omara Williams

Omara Williams is an acclaimed writer of science-fiction romance whose international bestselling debut ‘The Space Traveller’s Lover’ was a Book Excellence Award finalist and a Global Book Awards winner.

In this, her first blog for PRscribe, Omara lifts the lid on why it’s never too late in life to pursue your passions and achieve your goals. With hard work, dedication and inspiration, anything and more is possible.

Book PR was a Gamble…That Paid Off | By Carl Borgen

Carl Borgen’s books have appeared in hundreds of media outlets worldwide. He is the world’s leading expert on The Bock Saga and the first person to put Ior Bock’s story into written form. The search for the “world’s largest treasure trove” – said to be worth over $20billion – by the ‘Temple 12’ led to international fame, bestseller status, and interest from TV and film producers around the world.

Writing for the first time about his remarkable publishing journey, Carl discusses the benefits of publishing on Amazon, overcoming literary agent rejection, and the need for solid book marketing to boost book sales.

Developmental Book Editing: Everything You Need to Know

The process of turning a decent manuscript into a polished bit of literature doesn’t end with the final full stop. Some might argue that the really hard, soul-destroying work is in fact only just beginning. Unless you’ve nailed it first go (and many people will), this is the time that developmental editing – the phase that can and does make or break a book – comes into play.

In this PRscribe blog post by Palamedes PR, we explore the importance of developmental editing, what it is, and why it’s essential before a book goes on sale.

Travel Writer Emma Strandberg on her Gruelling Publishing Journey

Travel writer Emma Strandberg spent six challenging months surviving Iceland’s bitter winter for her second, critically-acclaimed book, Where the F**k is Blönduós?

Her publishing journey was far, far harder.

In this thought-provoking, insightful blog post, Emma candidly reveals the difficulties she faced in finding a literary agent, the dilemma of self-publishing, and her quest for rightful recognition in what can feel like a cutthroat and elitist industry. Emma’s remarkable story, told here for the first time, is a testament to her resilience, meticulous planning, and the role that comprehensive research, hard work, and book marketing services play in today’s publishing landscape.

How I Research my Books and Film Scripts | By Julian Doyle

Julian Doyle, the Monty Python filmmaker and all-round Big Screen legend, shares his invaluable insights (and never-before-seen images) into how he researches his book and scripts.

His second exclusive post for PRscribe is absolutely fascinating reading for authors and aspiring scriptwriters everywhere.

Monty Python Filmmaking Icon, Julian Doyle, on Writing for Books and Screen

Julian Doyle is a highly distinguished British filmmaker with an outstanding career in the film industry. He is widely recognised for his long-standing collaboration with Monty Python, where he worked on their most celebrated films including Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, and The Meaning of Life.

In this, the first in a series of exclusive posts for PRscribe, the publishing and PR blog by Palamedes, Julian reveals his top 10 tips about writing books and screenplays for the first time.

Former TV Writer for The Simpsons and This is Your Life Turned Bestselling Author Ian Brown on Getting Published

The acclaimed picturebook author, Ian Brown, is a former journalist turned TV writer and producer whose credits include The South Bank Show, Top Gear and This Is Your Life. He’s also written or produced for the likes of The Simpsons, Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, Simon Cowell, Trevor McDonald, Michael Caine, George Lucas, Floella Benjamin, Bob Monkhouse, Davina McCall, Paul Whitehouse, Martin Kemp, Jamie Oliver, Bruce Forsyth, youtubers Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee and many more.
This is his blog about his publishing journey.

The Benefits of Book Reviews and Op-Eds for Authors and New Books

Book reviews and op-eds have long played an integral role in authors’ journeys. From ancient Egypt to the digital age, authors have benefited from book reviews and the sales, exposure and credibility they offer. More recently, op-eds have emerged as a platform for authors to share their perspectives, showcasing thought leadership and forging personal connections with readers.

This PRscribe post explores the symbiotic relationship between book reviews and op-eds, revealing how their combined impact amplifies an author’s sales and authenticity in the literary landscape.

Writers Unplugged: Do Authors Really Need Social Media to Succeed?

Social media is, they attest, an essential component of every successful author’s marketing and communication strategy.
But what about those authors who aren’t tech-savvy or who simply dislike the idea of revealing their personal lives to the world? Can social media really be the answer for everyone?

In this PRscribe post, we’ll explore the benefits of authors using social media. And we’ll ask if those authors who aren’t using it already – or who hate it altogether – really need to embrace the digital age as everyone claims or if they can sleep easy without it.

A Self-Publisher’s Guide to Creating a Brilliant Book Cover

Books ARE judged by their covers. Period. This PRscribe blog post is devoted to the importance of a good jacket cover and the steps that self-published authors can take to ensure their work has one.

Media Endorsements for Books – A How-To Guide to Puff Quotes

Media endorsements for books are a powerful sales tool. By helping to establish credibility and by building consumer trust, amongst other critical things, the benefits they bring are undeniable. The purpose of this PRscribe post is to help authors and publishing houses actually solicit them from the regional press.

The Pen Name Paradox: The Pros and Cons of Author Pseudonyms

We represent dozens of authors each year who use a nom de plume and we’re asked the same question every time: will this impact sales and/or media coverage? If you Google the question online you’ll find a variety of answers and viewpoints on this point. So we thought we should wade into the argument and share our experiences as book publicists.

How to Organise a Book Launch Event – but Are They Worth it?

It’s considered to be one of the most anticipated events in an author’s publishing journey, so it’s little wonder why a book launch event is high on the list of post-publication ‘ticks’. From inexpensive do’s in backstreet pubs to swanky, celeb-filled parties in upmarket hotels, a book launch promises to kickstart publicity and earn the author the media acclaim they deserve. But beyond the glamour and the ego-trips, is organising a book launch really worth it?

The Power of the Airwaves: The Impact of TV and Radio Appearances on Authors’ Book Sales

In an age dominated by digital media, influencers and social platforms, it’s easy to underestimate the impact of – or forget entirely – traditional mediums like television and radio. But for authors hoping to promote their books and connect with a broader audience, TV and radio appearances remain potent tools in their marketing arsenal.

Introducing the New PRscribe Blog: It’s All About Books

The PRscribe publishing blog offers practical advice for authors and publishers. And it shares our own insights and perspectives into the ever-evolving worlds of publishing and public relations.

Post-publication ideas – and unexpected outcomes!

In the second of her exclusive blogs, Christian author Ann Shakespeare shares her experiences of launching a website to promote her book, God’s Gift of Tremendous Power, and other methods she has used to generate public awareness.

In the Steps of Great Men, by Dr Linda Parker

Military historian and author Dr Linda Parker writes a second blog for Palamedes PR about her adventures following in the footsteps of wartime Arctic explorers.

Fear Or Hope – The Author’s Dilemma, by Dr Stephen Simpson

In the latest instalment of his exclusive guest blog, best-selling author,TEDx speaker and celebrity mind coach Dr Stephen Simpson discusses whether authors should pursue fear or hope in their writing.

The writing habits I swear by, by Dr Stephen Simpson

In the fifth installment of his exclusive guest blog, best-selling author,TEDx speaker and celebrity mind coach Dr Stephen Simpson shares his three key writing habits to get a book finished.

Authors Need To Be Good At Jigsaw Puzzles, by Dr Stephen Simpson

In the third instalment of his exclusive guest blog, best-selling author,TEDx speaker and celebrity mind coach Dr Stephen Simpson discusses the power of visualisation in reaching your writing goals, and how to handle the editing process.

Self-Publishing provides authors with full control, by Julie Hodgson

Award-winning children’s author Julie Hodgson, a former client of book PR agency Palamedes, writes an exclusive article about her own writing journey and why she prefers self-publishing to traditional publishing.

The writing lessons I have learned, by Dr Linda Parker

Military historian and author Dr Linda Parker writes an exclusive article for Palamedes PR about the lessons she has learned on her writing journey, and the lessons she’s yet to master.

Writing with an end goal in sight, by Dr Stephen Simpson

In the third instalment of his exclusive guest blog, best-selling author,TEDx speaker and celebrity mind coach Dr Stephen Simpson discusses the power of visualisation in reaching your writing goals, and how to handle the editing process.

Keep Calm and Curry On, Writes Celebrity Chef & Author Gurpareet Bains

His fans included Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and the Royal Family but the late celebrity chef and international bestselling author Gurpareet Bains faced racism and scores of set-backs before landing a publishing contract. He revealed all for the first time in this exclusive blog post for Palamedes, which was originally published before his tragic death in 2021.

Obtaining a Publishing Contract – My Story

Obtaining a publishing contract can seem like an uphill battle. Here, Ann Shakespeare, a columnist for the Church of England newspaper, a former writer for TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal and BBC World Service, and the former assistant editor of The Daily Journal lifts the lid on what went on behind the scenes of her first book, God’s Gift of Tremendous Power (Deep River Books).

Achieving ‘Go-To Expert’ Status as an Author

In this exclusive series of book blog posts, our client Dr Stephen Simpson, the international bestselling author and TEDx speaker, shares his personal experiences of the publishing industry and the highs and lows of his own, remarkably successful writing journey.

Free Yourself From a Writing Rut, Urges Hugh Ashton

After the success of almost 30 critically acclaimed novels, the prodigious British author Hugh Ashton, whose Sherlock Holmes pastiches have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide, has penned Unknown Quantities, a series of dark short stories. To mark the book’s publication, Hugh reveals the driving force and inspiration behind his decision to branch out into a new sub-genre he describes as, “the slightly weird”.

The Reality of Life as an Author by Dr Stephen Simpson

In this exclusive series of book blog posts, our client Dr Stephen Simpson, the international bestselling author and TEDx speaker, shares his personal experiences of the publishing industry and the highs and lows of his own, remarkably successful writing journey.