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Further Media Coverage For Academica Press

Further media coverage for new memoir Falsely Accused of Islamophobia

There has been further media coverage for a newly released book published by Academica Press.

Memoir Falsely Accused of Islamophobia: My Struggle Against Academic Cancellation by Professor Steven Greer documents the distinguished law scholar’s ordeal after being publicly accused of Islamophobia, which led him to fear for his life.

In the book, which hits shelves this week, Professor Greer also warns about about what he sees as an erosion in the protection of academic freedom within British universities.

The internationally-renowned human rights academic has revealed how he was forced to wear a disguise and carry a weapon for his own protection after undergraduates at Bristol University Law School complained that elements of his course were racist and discriminatory.

Professor Steven Greer
Professor Steven Greer, a leading human rights scholar, was falsely accused of Islamophobia, leading to calls for his dismissal and the scrapping of the Human Rights in Law, Politics and Society (HRLPS) module he had taught at the University of Bristol. He has since been fully exonerated and is now a Research Director at the Oxford Institute for British Islam (OIBI), a newly established progressive Muslim think tank and research academy.
Falsely Accused of Islamophobia FC
Falsely Accused of Islamophobia: My Struggle Against Academic Cancellation by Professor Steven Greer is out now, published through Academica Press.

Professor Greer, who was at risk of losing his job, was fully exonerated following a five-month inquiry.

But the complaints still led to the removal of the material from the course and left the academic fearing for his reputation and his life.

He was so scared for his personal safety that he went into hiding, and disguised himself in public by growing a long bushy beard and wearing false glasses and a pulled-up hoodie to obscure the rest of his face.

He also never left home without a “sturdy” umbrella and a screwdriver in case of attack.

He says that his terrifying ordeal reflects an increasing assault on academic freedom within British universities, adding that fellow scholars in the fields of the arts, humanities and social sciences are already self-censoring their courses for fear of being falsely branded as “hostile to minorities”.

Professor Greer’s story has already received significant national news coverage in the likes of the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, The Times and The Sun.

It has now also received further coverage in a host of regional and international publications including Yahoo News, MSN, the Bristol Post, Western Daily Press, Oxford Mail, and Italian newspaper Il Foglio. 

For all media requests, including interviews with Professor Greer, or review copies of Falsely Accused of Islamophobia, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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