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Radio Interviews For Relationship Expert Dr George Blair-West

Relationships experts Dr George Blair-West and Jiveny Blair-West are interviewed by the BBC

Father-and-daughter relationship experts Dr George Blair-West and Jiveny Blair-West have been interviewed by the BBC about how to find out if a Valentine’s date is marriage material.

Dubbed Australia’s “dating dream team”, couple therapist and preeminent psychiatrist Dr Blair-West, and Jiveny, one of the world’s leading relationship coaches, are co-authors of new guide How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life.

The book, which is out now, blends science with deep clinical experience to help both men and women in identifying a long-term partner. 

It debunks the myth of a ‘soulmate’ and says a commitment to a shared vision, rather than animal attraction and lust, is the cornerstone of all successful long-term partnerships.

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, the Blair-West were interviewed on a number of BBC radio stations discussing a seven-step formula they have devised that reveals if a date is Mr or Mrs Right, or a write-off.

Dr George Blair-West
Dr George Blair-West is a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry who, for the last two decades, has sub-specialised in relationship therapy and treating trauma. His new book, How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life, builds on his TED talk, which to date has attracted more than four million views online. 
How To Make The Biggest Decision of your Life FC
How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life by unique father-and-daughter writing partnership Dr George Blair-West and Jiveny Blair-West reveals how to select the right person to wed for a long, prosperous marriage.

Called the ‘Love Match Model’, it is a simple yet effective series of “prompts and guidance” which allows both partners to gain an honest and realistic view of each other. 

While the advice may seem counterintuitive, such as asking about a partner’s ex early on in the dating process, it will reveal whether a date has the right qualities essential for building a relationship that can endure through thick and thin. 

The radio interviews follow coverage for the Blair-Wests in the Daily Mail, where they explained the Love Match Model in detail.

Through their expert guidance and book, the Blair-Wests hope to empower readers to take charge of their relationship destiny by giving them the confidence to see beyond the common romantic myths and select a “chosen one” rather than ‘the one’. 

For all media requests, including interviews with Dr George Blair-West and Jiveny Blair-West, or review copies of How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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