Anthea Press provides book PR agency Palamedes PR with a glowing review

Latest Book PR Testimonial – Anthea Press

New publishing house Anthea Press praises book PR agency Palamedes

Our latest book PR testimonial, from publishing house Anthea Press,  is now online.

The newly formed company appointed book PR agency Palamedes to promote its launch and the release of new action-adventure novel. WTF – Thief for Hire by Marc-Allen Barker.

Across the campaign, we generated a range of lifestyle media placements for the company, which has been set up as a passion project by a noted serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Marc-Allen Barker
British author Marc-Allen Barker has the distinction of being one of the first authors published through new company Anthea Press.
WTF - Thief for Hire front cover
WTF – Thief for Hire by Marc-Allen Barker is out now, published through Anthea Press.

These placements not only helped cement Anthea Press as an exciting and dynamic new entry within the publishing world, but also positioned its release WTF – Thief for Hire as a bold and brilliant series that is breathing new life into the action-adventure genre.

Speaking about our work, Anthea Press said: “It has been a pleasure working with Palamedes.

“The team were consistently professional and reliable throughout the campaign, securing great coverage and being able to do so exactly when it was most required.

“In short, Palamedes is the very definition of the word ‘impressive’.”

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“The Palamedes guys are bursting with brilliant ideas that translate well in the national press. This makes working with the PPR team a genuine pleasure for journalists" Daily Express


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