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Latest Book PR Testimonial – Melissa Yvonne

Bestselling spiritual author Melissa Yvonne praises book PR agency Palamedes

Our latest book PR testimonial, from author Melissa Yvonne is now online.

The American author appointed book PR agency Palamedes to promote her bestselling spiritual title, Soul Mate Sh*t

A memoir in fictionalised form, the frank and inspirational book reveals how past-life regression therapy helped save the author’s marriage after an affair.

The emotive story is divided between two narratives: the present-day, and the life of one of the author’s former incarnation, Abigail, who was a princess in 12th Century Wales.

It is through experiencing the life of Abigail that Melissa learns vital life-lessons that ultimately reconnect her with husband, Chase, whom she comes to recognise as her soulmate. 

Melissa Yvonne
American author Melissa Yvonne has received critical acclaim for her debut work, spiritual memoir Soul Mate Sh*t.
Soul Mate Sh_t FC
Soul Mate Sh*t by Melissa Yvonne is available now, published through Onion River Press.

Our book PR campaign generated a number of glowing reviews for Melissa and her book.

The book was variously hailed within the secured media coverage as  a “A superb, poignant and candid story from one of the best emerging authors of 2022” and “A raw and honest insight into relationship difficulties, and the importance of confronting them head on.

Speaking about our work, Melissa said: “The Palamedes team nailed my book PR campaign on every level.

“I was thrilled with the coverage they secured for my debut book, Soul Mate Sh*t, and will definitely know where to turn for my future releases.

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“The Palamedes guys are bursting with brilliant ideas that translate well in the national press. This makes working with the PPR team a genuine pleasure for journalists" Daily Express


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