Palamedes PR Appointed By Author Simone Warren

Author Simone Warren appoints Palamedes to promote her forthcoming non-fiction title, The Fate We Make

Book PR agency Palamedes has been appointed by author Simone Warren to promote her forthcoming non-fiction title, The Fate We Make: Heartbreak

The first of a planned trilogy, the book is described as “A Singaporean Girl’s Story Of Surviving Tough Choices & Consequences”.

It speaks “of the secrets stored at the heart of those rich familial tapestries interwoven through time, creating patterns of thought and behaviour passed down from generation to generation.”

According to the Singapore-born author, a senior director within Microsoft, “We are where we come from – a collection of our own and our forebearers’ lived experiences, inheriting more than genes from the generations that have come before.”

The Fate We Make: Heartbreak is set for release later this year. It will be followed by Book Two, Hurting, and Book Three, Healing.

For all media requests, including interviews with author Simone Warren, or review copies of The Fate We Make: Heartbreak, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

Simone Warren
Singapore-born author Simone Warren is the author of the forthcoming The Fate We Make trilogy, commencing later this year with Book One: Heartbreak.

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