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Over 20 BBC Interviews For Top Gear director Brian Klein

Bestselling author & Top Gear director Brian Klein has enjoyed more than 20 BBC interviews in the last two weeks

BAFTA-award winning TV director and bestselling author Brian Klein has been interviewed on more than 20 BBC radio stations in the last two weeks. 

Mr Klein, Top Gear’s current and longest serving director, appeared on a total of 25 separate BBC stations speaking about the BBC’s iconic flagship show as well as his remarkable transition to one of Britain’s most successful and acclaimed new novelists.

Placements have included national stations BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Wales, as well as a host of regional stations including BBC Radio Three Counties, BBC Leeds, and BBC Cornwall. 

In addition to being the multi award-winning show’s current and longest-serving director, Mr Klein is the bestselling author of two political thrillers.

His 2021 debut, The Counterfeit Candidate, which was penned during the Covid-19 lockdown, became an Amazon number one bestseller book with more than 75,000 sales.

Jeremy Clarkson, Brian Klein and Richard Hammond
Author Brian Klein, pictured here with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, is a BAFTA award-winning TV director whose credits include Top Gear, The Grand Tour, and A League of Their Own Roadtrip. After the breakout success of his debut novel, political thriller The Counterfeit Candidate, he has just released its sequel The Führer’s Prophecy
The Furhers Prophecy FC
The Führer’s Prophecy by bestselling author Brian Klein is out now, published through Spirit Entertainment.

An eight-part TV adaptation is currently in the works, while its hotly anticipated sequel, The Führer’s Prophecy, has also topped the book charts after its release earlier this month.

As well as directing 28 seasons of the BBC flagship show Top Gear, Mr Klein has worked with presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Amazon’s The Grand Tour

His other credits include directing seven seasons of A League Of Their Own Roadtrip, Sky One’s highest rating entertainment show, two feature-length films for BBC Worldwide and five entertainment specials for Netflix.

His new novel, The Führer’s Prophecy, which is published through Spirit Entertainment, is the second part of the author’s The Reich Trilogy, and continue the potent ‘what-if’ concept of what might have happened if Nazi leader Hitler hadn’t died in a Berlin bunker in 1945.

For all media requests, including review copies of The Führer’s Prophecy and interviews with author Brian Klein, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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