Palamedes PR Appointed By Dorimalia LLC To Promote New YA Novel

Palamedes PR is appointed to promote new YA novel The Secret Club and the Manafuls by Dorimalia Waiau

Book PR agency Palamedes PR has been appointed by independent publisher Dorimalia LLC to promote a new young adult novel steeped in Hawaiian mythology.

The agency will be promoting YA title The Secret Club and the Manafuls by Native Hawaiian author Dorimalia Waiau.

Planned as the first in a series, the novel combines rich and fascinating Hawaiian mythology and a magical, parallel world while exploring real-life challenges faced by today’s pre-teens. 

The novel centres on three 11-year-olds – Pierre, Malie, and Nicole –  who are struggling in post-Covid Hawaii as they navigate personal demons ranging from depression to homosexuality.

In The Secret Club and the Manafuls, author Dorimalia Waiau has drawn upon the rich myths of Hawaiian culture to transport readers of all ages into a  magical world like no other. 
Forthcoming young adult novel The Secret Club and the Manafuls by Native Hawaiian author Dorimalia Waiau will be published through Dorimalia LLC this summer.

The trio, who form ‘The Secret Club’, are invited to Manaful World by magical dwarves that resemble the menehune from Hawaiian legends, and are soon engaged in a fight for the world’s future after a hostile leader known as Uli attempts to take over. 

As the children discover all the magical elements of the Manaful World, they also come to appreciate and accept the unique things that set them apart from everyone else.

Aimed at readers aged 11 years and over, The Secret Club and the Manafuls shares an empowering central message to ‘be Manaful’, trusting your inner power and embracing your inner strength. 

The novel, which is set for release this summer, tackles serious issues such as abuse, mental health, bullying and anxiety, and rejection with a unique tale promoting self-healing and self-love. 

For all media requests, including interviews with author Dorimalia Waiau, or review copies of The Secret Club and the Manafuls, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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