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Widespread Media Coverage For Author Simone Warren

Author Simone Warren receives widespread media coverage for her memoir The Fate We Make – Book One: Heartbreak

There has been widespread media coverage for author Simone Warren and her debut book, moving memoir The Fate We Make – Book One: Heartbreak.

The first volume of a “remarkable, occasionally tragic, but ultimately redemptive coming-of-age story”, it recounts Simone’s stirring and inspirational tale of survival. 

Born into a Singaporean Chinese family populated with strong women but tainted by the strife of intergenerational trauma and cultural prohibitions, Simone sought to find her own path and voice. 

Academically brilliant, she relocated to the UK in her late teens and forged a successful corporate career.

But while to those on the outside she seemed to be thriving, inside Simone was struggling with a heartbreaking decision that she will have to carry with her forever.

Our book PR campaign has led to a plethora of positive publicity, with the media variously describing The Fate We Make – Book One: Heartbreak as “A powerful and vividly recounted story of survival, inner strength, and success against the odds” and “A courageous and insightful memoir”, among other plaudits.

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The Fate We Make FC
Singapore-born author Simone Warren is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir The Fate We Make – Book One: Heartbreak.

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