Media Endorsements for Books

Media endorsements for new books, or cover blurbs as they’re also known, are on every serious author’s wish list. And rightly so.

Book endorsements from the media, typically displayed in speech marks on the jacket cover or inside flap, add trust and credibility. They’re short, snappy, and specifically designed to grab consumers’ attention. They set a good book apart from the four million others that are published each year.

Obtaining national media endorsements for book covers (and for Amazon and other sales listings) can prove a difficult, if not impossible task, especially for first-time authors and for independent publishing houses. If you’ve ever tried sending your book to a journalist in the hope of getting some feedback, you’ll understand how long-winded – and often soul destroying – it can be.

Thankfully, Palamedes PR obtains endorsements from journalists and from media outlets, often within as little as a fortnight. If you’d like us to help, complete the form below (by contacting us in this way, you’re consenting to our Privacy Policy) and we’ll be in touch within the hour during normal office hours.

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