The travel writer, Emma Strandberg, writes a second, exclusive blog for Palamedes PR about the future of the publishing industry and the role that AI may play in it

Travel Writer Emma Strandberg on the Evolution of Book Publishing

Disruptive technologies have fuelled a publishing revolution. In the space of just a few decades, digital platforms have unshackled authors from traditional gatekeepers, while e-books and audiobooks have transformed the reading experience. Self-publishing and print-on-demand services have thrived, as readers demand both convenience and authenticity. The future, driven by innovations like augmented reality and blockchain-based publishing, promises to further redefine the industry.

But as publishers take steps to stay relevant in the digital age – and keep pace with changing technologies and market trends – their core mission must remain focused on identifying, nurturing, and promoting quality literature for the next generation, writes the travel author Emma Strandberg in her second exclusive post for PRscribe.

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