Emma Strandberg, the travel writer, sits in a forest in a photograph that forms part of a cover image for a blog she has written about publishing

It’s the Journey That Counts, by Emma Strandberg

Join critically-acclaimed travel writer Emma Strandberg on a journey of resilience and determination as she shares her experience of self-publishing her second book, ‘Where the f**k is Blönduós?’

Faced with the challenges of going solo without her previous publisher and literary agent, Emma’s story is a testament to the sacrifices, dogged determination, and unwavering belief that fuelled her labour of love.

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The front cover of Palamedes PR's latest PRscribe blog post

Do YOU know a colon from a comma or an oxymoron from an allegory? Take our test and find out.

A fifth of 18-30 year-olds don’t know their commas from their colons and think an oxymoron is an insult, according to an informal poll by Palamedes.
The survey we conducted was a far cry from academic research and isn’t in any way representative of British young people as a whole. But the findings do at least suggest that some young people see punctuation and the use of figurative speech as an old-fashioned and unnecessary habit in today’s tech-oriented world.
Why not test yourself and see if you know better?

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The author and historian John Harris writes a blog for PRscribe by Palamedes PR

Historian John Harris on Cracking the WW2 Mystery of Rudolph Hess

Co-authors John Harris and Richard Wilbourn have been researching the Deputy Führer Rudolph Hess’ solo flight to Scotland for almost 40 years. Now, nearly four decades, six critically-acclaimed books and countless pub hours later, the pair have uncovered what they consider to be the definitive answer to one of the greatest enduring mysteries of WW2.

In this exclusive blog for PRscribe, historian John Harris discusses their publishing journey which, like most foolhardy ventures, started over a pint.

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