The Optimal Time Between Publishing Books, a guest post for the book PR agency Palamedes PR by the travel writer Emma Strandberg

Perfect Timing: The Optimal Time Between Publishing Books


The ideal timeframe between publishing new books varies, but it’s crucial for authors to prioritise avoiding burnout, writes the acclaimed travel writer and photographer Emma Strandberg. Authors should listen to their own rhythm and consider factors like marketing, reader engagement, and the necessary time for quality writing and editing before releasing their next book. Ensuring a healthy balance between productivity and self-care is essential to sustain creativity and prevent burnout in the long run.

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The author and photographer, Emma Strandberg, writes for the book PR agency Palamedes PR about how her far-flung adventures have shaped her life and her books

“While editing my third book, I realised that I had made a fundamental mistake. Not in the writing, or storyline, but in the timeframe that I had allowed myself between launching my previous book and planning to publish this one.

I underestimated both the time needed and the impact that these time pressures were having on both my book and my health. The more I evaluated my position the more I realised that it was a good thing to allow time to pass between book publishing. Each week I engage with new readers and have used this opportunity to build interest in my upcoming book. I also have extracted some extremely beneficial feedback and realised I could use this to further engage in my target audience, if only I had a little more time! I would lie if I said that a few more weeks would benefit me in building a financial buffer that would come in handy for my planned book marketing campaign for my third title. As a self-published author I cover all costs myself and the gap between investing and seeing a return is considerable. I have therefore learned the valuable lesson, that while there may be pressure to publish books quickly, it is important not to be afraid to wait between book releases.

By allowing your current book to “land” and writing your next masterpiece, the time will pass quickly, and it is essential to use this time wisely. Like with any career, you must also take care of your health and avoid burnout. Writing a book is a demanding process that requires creativity, dedication, and mental energy. Publishing a book can be equally demanding, with marketing efforts, promotional activities, and engaging with readers. A great benefit of waiting between book releases is to give yourself time to recover from your last project and move forward positively with renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

Taking your time doesn’t mean being lazy or uncommitted. One great advantage of spacing your book releases is to have the opportunity to build anticipation of your coming work, which can lead to increased interest, pre-orders, and a more engaged audience. You can read more about creating a loyal fan base through a Book Blog Tour which will be discussed in my next PRScribe Guest Blog, “A Literary Adventure”.  Palamedes PR arranged a hugely successful Book Blog Tour for my latest book “Where the f**k is Blönduòs? which was beneficial in growing my reader base and raising awareness and interest for my next book. It takes time to plan and execute an effective marketing strategy, and the more that is done in preparation for your book launch the better. This in turn will lead to a more successful and fulfilling publishing experience. Remember, each book is a unique creation that deserves its own time to shine.

Publishing books too closely together may compromise the quality of your work. Creating an unrealistic deadline will result in rushing the writing and editing process which will result in overlooked errors, weaker storylines, or underdeveloped characters. By allowing yourself ample time between book releases, you can ensure that each book receives the attention and care it deserves, resulting in a better final product. Think quality over quantity, and don’t lose sight of the message you want your next book to deliver.

By allowing yourself ample time between book releases, you can ensure that each book receives the attention and care it deserves, resulting in a better final product.”

– Emma Strandberg (pictured above)

So, what is the ideal time distance between publishing books? Authors have different writing speeds and creative processes. Those who self-publish may have a greater job editing their books which they must be meticulous over. One of the advantages of self-publishing is that you aren’t tied to a traditional publisher’s release schedule or marketing strategy tailored to seasonal or market trends. Determining your own ideal timeframe depends on various factors and there is no right or wrong answer. What is important is to find your own balance that will ultimately allow you to deliver a well written book that your readers love and that you are proud of.

Emma Strandberg books sitting side by side on a table

Emma Strandberg is a widely-read author and accomplished photographer.

Her travel memoir Where the F**k is Where the F**k is Blönduós was described as a “triumph of travel writing and a masterpiece of memoir” by The Sun. Her brilliant first book, Fully Booked, recounts her experiences as a new B&B owner on the freezing west coast of Sweden.

For further information about Emma’s work, visit her website:

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