Monty Python legend Julian Doyle provides Palamedes PR with a review and testimonial following a book publicity campaign

Latest Book PR Testimonial – Monty Python’s Julian Doyle

Monty Python filmmaker Julian Doyle on our book PR campaign for The Jericho Manuscript.

We’re extremely grateful to the filmmaker, editor and director, Julian Doyle, for his kind words about the results of our book PR work.

Mr Doyle, who worked on Monty Python’s Life of Brian, The Meaning of Life, and The Holy Grail, among many other movies and music videos, appointed Palamedes PR to promote his acclaimed new novel, The Jericho Manuscript.

You can read what Mr Doyle had to say about our work on our testimonials page and find out what we did, and how, by visiting our PR case studies.

The Jericho Manuscript
Author and filmmaker Julian Doyle kindly shares his feedback about working with Palamedes PR on his latest novel, The Jericho Manuscript, pictured above.

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“The Palamedes guys are bursting with brilliant ideas that translate well in the national press. This makes working with the PPR team a genuine pleasure for journalists" Daily Express


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