Spiritual author Jamie Michael Gregory Interviewed On BBC Radio

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Spiritual author and healer Jamie Michael Gregory has been interviewed on BBC radio. 

Jamie suffered significant trauma during his early life after years of sexual, physical, mental, and emotional abuse at the hands of his father, coupled with neglect and torture.

Growing up around his father’s “criminal lifestyle” of drugs and guns, he began dealing and taking drugs as a child, aged 12, and was made homeless at the age of 17 when his father died. 

A therapist once told Jamie that … “If you put one million people in your situation, they would either be insane, addicted to alcohol or drugs, in jail, or dead. For you just to survive your experiences and be none of them, let alone what you have achieved, is a miracle in itself.”

Despite being haunted by the shadows of his past, Jamie went on to become a successful entrepreneur, but eventually walked away from his new-found luxurious lifestyle when he realised that seeking “external validation” through wealth was simply “masking the underlying trauma” from ever reaching the surface to enable him to truly heal. 

He has now become an expert on trauma and addiction, and has just published spiritual memoir The Talking Universe to help others struggling with trauma. 

Jamie Michael Gregory
Jamie Michael Gregory, author of spiritual memoir The Talking Universe, has been interviewed on BBC radio about his traumatic early life and how he has managed to overcome his personal demons.

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