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Palamedes PR Appointed To Promote Shocking New Memoir Exodai

Palamedes appointed to promote Exodai by Elizabeth Hackford: a "shockingly honest memoir of love, obsession and torture"

Book PR agency Palamedes has been appointed by British author Elizabeth Hackford to promote her ‘shocking’ new memoir, Exodai.

The consultancy will be working with Elizabeth, who is based in Tokyo, Japan, to highlight the memoir, which reveals her struggles with her sexuality and narrates the story of how she eventually learnt to love herself.

Elizabeth’s twin need for “love and suffering” took her from the prim surroundings of a Norfolk girls’ school to the secret, latex-clad, rope-bound, whip-lashed delights of the Tokyo BDSM scene.

For Elizabeth, torture was not about sexual gratification – it was about love. Attracted to other girls from an early age, Elizabeth struggled to come to terms with her sexuality. As a schoolgirl, her fantasies of torture – always for the benefit of whichever girl she was in love with – were rooted in her own inability to accept herself as a lesbian or reconcile her desires with her Christian beliefs.

Before finally realising that connection, Elizabeth would go through years of emotional and physical pain.

Having experimented with bondage at university, Elizabeth discovered S&M when her career as a high-flying headhunter took her to Tokyo.

There she was inducted into the BDSM scene and “learnt what real S&M was all about”. When she fell in love with a gorgeous Japanese dominatrix called Tomo and became her slave, she began a descent into hell.

Tomo proved to be an irredeemable sadist who took torture far beyond the accepted limits of S&M. Elizabeth went to the brink of destruction for Tomo.

Not for the faint-hearted, this gripping memoir, which will be published in September, describes what she experienced there and how she found her way back.

For all media requests, including review copies of Exodai, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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Set for publication this September, Exodai by Elizabeth Hackford is described as a “shockingly honest memoir of love, obsession and torture”.

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