Author Omara Williams reappoints book PR agency Palamedes

Palamedes PR Reappointed By Author Omara Williams

Palamedes will be further promoting sci-fi romance novel The Space Traveller’s Lover

Book PR agency Palamedes PR has been reappointed by award-winning author Omara Williams.

The agency will once again be working with Omara to promote her science-fiction romance title The Space Traveller’s Lover.

The main theme of The Space Traveller’s Lover is the exploration of impossible love—that of teenage female protagonist Erin and the head of an alien invasion, Rothwen.

The novel, aimed primarily at a young adult (YA) audience, has won multiple awards including a silver medal in the Science Fiction – Romance category of the Global Book Awards and a Literary Titan Silver Book Award.

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Omara Williams
Omara Williams, author of acclaimed YA science-fiction romance novel The Space Traveller’s Lover, reappoints book PR agency Palamedes.

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