The Optimal Time Between Publishing Books, a guest post for the book PR agency Palamedes PR by the travel writer Emma Strandberg

Perfect Timing: The Optimal Time Between Publishing Books

Discover the optimal timing for publishing new books with insights from acclaimed travel writer and photographer Emma Strandberg. Learn why avoiding burnout is crucial for authors and how to strike a balance between productivity and self-care while considering factors like marketing, reader engagement, and quality writing and editing time.

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The author and photographer, Emma Strandberg, writes for the book PR agency Palamedes PR about how her far-flung adventures have shaped her life and her books

From Wanderlust to Words: How Travel Shaped my Life and Books

The acclaimed travel writer Emma Strandberg hasn’t been everywhere – but it’s next on her list. In this exclusive blog post for Palamedes, Emma discusses the profound impact that world travel has had on her life and on her work, and encourages other authors to embrace their own wanderlust.

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Emma Strandberg, the travel writer, sits in a forest in a photograph that forms part of a cover image for a blog she has written about publishing

It’s the Journey That Counts, by Emma Strandberg

Join critically-acclaimed travel writer Emma Strandberg on a journey of resilience and determination as she shares her experience of self-publishing her second book, ‘Where the f**k is Blönduós?’

Faced with the challenges of going solo without her previous publisher and literary agent, Emma’s story is a testament to the sacrifices, dogged determination, and unwavering belief that fuelled her labour of love.

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